Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Scrap Your Stash - Challenge One

We all have it.  Some have big ones.  Some have small ones.  Some occupy an entire room.  Some are contained to just a few drawers or totes.  Some are well organized.  Others, ah, not so much.  But we can probably all agree, it'd be nice to use it and reduce it.

I'm speaking, of course, of our stash of scrapbooking products that we hoard have on hand.  Let's face it, it's fun to collect the stuff.  It can actually be fun, and inspiring, to reacquaint ourselves with what we have.  But, it can also be hard to use up.  Hard to get rid of.  It can weigh on us, creatively and figuratively.

There are ways to reduce what you have on hand.  The first, and obvious, is to be honest about what you use now and what you don't.  What still holds appeal and what no longer rings your bell.  If you're looking for ways to clean out your stash, check out this series of posts on reducing and organizing your stash.  Letting go is freeing.  

But this is about using up that stash, making a dent, even if it's a small one.  If, as you're digging through your products, you find something you don't like, don't want, won't use, don't, DON'T, pass it by, pull it out and put it in a box to give away.  

Now, today's challenge, find some of your oldest patterned papers and use them.  I may, or may not, have some of these lines from companies who are no longer with us.  Can you identify them?


Starting at the top left:  Pink Paislee, although they are still around, their aesthetic has changed; Sassafrass Lass, Chatterbox (who didn't love them), KI Memories (did they invent pink in Christmas lines?), Lily Bee.  What are some other companies, who we loved, who are gone, but not forgotten because you still have their paper in your stash?  Now go use one!

Go. Create.


Deanna said...

Hey Lori! I always look forward to your Stash Challenges!

I used some older Basic Grey 'Wander' papers. Thanks for helping me to use that up!

Lori said...

Hurray, Deanna! That is some older papery... nice job!