Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Sketch on Tuesday

I know scrapbooking is probably nowhere on your radar at the moment.  Your brain is likely filled with stuffing, centerpieces and to-do lists as long as the grocery store check-out lines.  However, a break for yourself, in the midst of frantic activity, is always time well spent.  Even if you don't get a layout, or card, fully finished, jut the process of laying things out, is calming and peace-giving.

I'm mid-prep myself, so today, it's as simple as grabbing yourself an Apron Strings kit and applying the sketch below, from PageMaps.

It's nothing but simplicity today.  Single page.  Three photos.  The biggest embellishment is a variety of strips running vertically.  The strips can be various patterned paper, ticket strips, ribbons, pre-cut borders, etc.  A couple mats under the basic layout and boom, done.  If you want more photos, create another line of photos beneath the current three - shift the lines up a bit and go longer on your vertical strips.  If you have more time this is an easy one - mirror the layout so that the diagonal strip mat, runs on the left side, and drag extra photos to the left.

Done.  Now you can get back to your pies.

Go. Create.

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