Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We Are

It was quite a mash-up this past week.  We didn't seem to be dominated by any one thing.  Which made it lively.

  • We had studying for mid-terms
  • We had watching in disbelief when they pulled it off
  • We had people officially tagged and released back to the ice
  • We had braces off.  Finally!
  • We had time in the company of friends
  • We had thought this "open mic" night was karaoke, but it was comedy (shrug)
  • We continue counting down to Ho, Ho, Ho
  • We are wondering where the years went. . .
  • . . .and are celebrating this goofball's 18th birthday
  • We had lessons in freedoms and how that doesn't mean they don't come with pain, confusion and frustration
  • We had disappointments in watching them lose, but he's still hot
Happy Wednesday,

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