Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Try It Tuesday

It's election day and I'm over it.  I've been over it for almost a year (I had no idea how bad it was going to get.)  I'm ready to answer my phone.  I'm ready to answer the doorbell, instead of pretending I'm not home.  I'm ready to not throw half my mail in the trash before ever entering my house.  I'm ready to watch live TV, versus the DVR.  I'm just done.  I cherish my right to vote, but, wow.  My just turned (like yesterday) 18 y.o. voted in his first election, as did my 20 y.o. daughter.  I feel like it was baptism by fire for them.

To combat all the election vitriol - I plan to not watch TV tonight (or tomorrow for that matter), I'd rather escape it all with my photos of happy family moments.

Naturally, that starts with a sketch.  A Page Maps sketch.  Well, for me it starts with photos that I pair to an Apron Strings kit, and then a sketch, but you get my drift.

I liked this sketch for the number of photos - five - without making a change.  There's room for seven if you take up journaling and "open element" spots.  There's even more if you shift elements.   You can go bigger with photos, like 3 x 3", or even take up two spots with one photo, so like 2 x 4" or 4 x 2".  It's also an easy enough sketch to stretch to two pages, especially if you go the bigger-photo-route.  I'd drag that photo mat across the two pages, and have only one vertical block.  I like the simplicity of it, just grid style, but the double matting of papers gives it a more complex look.  Little touches like the paper corners on the second paper mat, the scalloped edges along the veritcal paper block, and the small mat under all the photos are great details.  The dotted line around the photo mat could be stitching, buttons, rhinestones, eyelets, brads or some combination.  

You can catch some examples using the sketch here.

And because colors affect mood, a color palette.  I'm sure I have an Apron Strings kit that has some, if not all, of these colors.

The colors say Fall to me, but I could see them working for Spring, too.  They'd make up a great feminine, or heritage page.  I could even see the pallet for the holidays.

If you're over all the politics. . .

Go.  Create.


Charlene said...

Hi Lori! Long time no scrapbook :-( Remember me? I purchased kits from you a while back and participated in Croptober! I haven't been keeping up with scrapbooking. Now with 2 toddlers it's hard! Oh guess what?! We're practically neighbors! We moved to CO Springs in March! Crazy huh? (No I'm not a stalker!) Lol my husband has his family here. Hope to use your site for inspiration,and get back to scapbooking!

Charlene said...
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Lori said...

Hi Charlene . . . and welcome to Colorado! Which part of the Springs?

Toddlers can make finding time for yourself to do anything, let alone scrapbooking, difficult. Not impossible, though. Kits can help with that ;D

"See" you around.

Charlene said...

Finally getting back to you...see! Crazy busy with littles and the holidays. We are near Marksheffel and Constitution (South East Springs). I just moved my crafting space into the loft so I'm trying to get organized. It's sickening how much stuff I have! I need to get back to scrapbooking. I just organized my paper and photos so I'm ready to get back to it! ;-)

Lori S @ Apron Strings said...

Holidays make everything nuts, kids aside, but it's so much fun to see the holidays through their eyes.

My BIL used to be on the east side of the Springs. How 'bout the winds you guys had? Crazy stuff. We are in the north-west suburbs of Denver.

LOL, on organizing - see Monday the 9th's post to help with that. I try not to look at how much stuff I have. . .as a whole anyway. ;D

Charlene said...

Wow neat! I know right? I thought that hail storm was bad...luckily no damage this round but it was a little scary! Crazy weather here!!! It keeps it interesting though ;-) I will check out the 9th's post!