Wednesday, November 16, 2016

We Are

We are sick.  The boys brought it home, and gave it to me just in time to plan a Thanksgiving dinner for 30.  Thanks guys.  I don't often get sick, but when I do, it's usually not a pretty thing.  Such is the case now.  

  • Christmas music is her salve  #tooearlyforme
  • She's hooked him on the Christmas music, too
  • Having a military helicopter land on a college campus, the day after a contentious election, might have been to honor to our veterans, but surely caused pause for more than just a few
  • Thankfully, the god of the gas oven shined on me the day I made a cake for my 18 y.o.'s birthday
  • Happy 18th, my boy, your future is as bright as those candles
  • He may be getting some presents, but that paper is a gift the dog can't wait to get her mouth on
  • My companion at hockey practices.  I read all the books during first season's mid-season break and have been contemplating listening to them for some time, since re-reading them would take considerable time and I have other books to read.  I started with the third book, since I'd watched the first two seasons, which were based on the first two books.
  • The cold-sweat that breaks out when it slowly dawns on you that something isn't right.  Why is he the only kid in red?  Because, mother-of-the-year-candidate, the practice times were changed and you're now at the wrong practice.  He's with the same age kids, they are just a whole level of skill above him.  #badmothering  #checkthescheduledaily
  • He's still the only one in red, but this is the right practice.  #newjersey  He's talked of nothing but being a goalie.  Coincidence that his jersey number is 1?  Which is the same number as Varlomov's - the Av's goalie.
  • I miss watching him play.  #soccerwithfriends
  • Yes.  November 14th (and 15th and 16th) shorts and tees were more than comfortable in the mid-70's temps.  In Colorado.  A week before Thanksgiving.  #WTH  

Happy Wednesday,

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