Monday, December 5, 2016

Colors on Tuesday

St. Nicholas visited us this morning, which, unfortunately, is more rushed when there is school to get to.  But he brought his usual gifts of new pajamas and gifts meant to share; not the pajamas, naturally.

My home decorating is coming along this season.  I cleared the clutter from transitioning to Christmas from Fall.  Most decorations are out, or at least the last couple boxes are in the place where the decorations will be.  I finished the tree on Sunday and I have to say, I too, enjoy seeing it in its new place and enjoying the lights and ornaments sparkling on the bough in a room we are ALWAYS in.

With things settling into place, shopping coming along, and no large entertainment events planned in the nearest future, my thoughts turn to getting some creative time in.  Temps are plummeting today, through most of the rest of the week, so knitting or working some embroidery - something warm on my lap - sounds good, but so does playing with a bit of paper.

It's been a while since I used a color pallet to inspire my choices for a scrapbook page, and was drawn to this pallet's bright blue pop.  The snow and greenery isn't hurting either.

First, the colors.  It's all about the blues for me, so my first step is to see if I have a kit with this, or similar color pallet.  If not, I'll be looking through my general stash for the basics.  Maybe cardstock in these colors.  Or a mix of cardstock and general patterns, like ginghams, stripes or dots. (I'd like to do a holiday layout which is why I'd look for basic patterns, but if you're not hooked on a holiday layout, the color combo could be easier to find in other themes, too.)

Next up, I'm drawn to the greenery - which could be found on a patterned paper, but it's also feathery and soft looking - so maybe ribbon or twine.  Stickers or wood veneer pine boughs would be a good addition.  The shiny blue has me thinking of digging out metallic brads or enamel dots.  Glittered dots on the ornament is easy - glittered buttons or brads, glitter Stickles, or even glittered ribbon, tape or tinsel trim from my stash.  The fluffy white snow could be velvet trim.  The silver top of the ornament, with its decorative cut could be metallic photo corners, or remind me to use a decorative punch on an edge.  It also makes me think I might have a large diecut paper I could pull in.

Lots of ideas.  Now to dig in and make it happen.

Go. Create.

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