Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Try it Tuesday

I need some time to myself.  I need to create something, or at least work on something creative.  I need to lose myself in a creative process, which is re-energizing for me.  I need a break.  

The season is partly to blame for my need for a fix and partly outside forces.  In any case, it's time to take time.

If I'm playing with paper, nothing beats a PageMaps sketch.  I picked this one for its simplicity.  All the effect comes from layering paper.  It starts with layering the base.  Simple scalloped blocks, that could be left unscalloped, or torn add another layer.  Look closely, there's really nothing more than that.  Oh, the couple snowflakes could be buttons or diecuts, but the only other embellishment on here is the reindeer - another diecut, journaling card or maybe some seasonal floral.  

The design is easy enough to add a few more photos, or stay with the three, but go bigger.  Anyway you cut it, this sketch, a handful of photos and an Apron Strings kit and this layout shouldn't take you longer than an hour.

The simplest and quickest way to get something done is just to do it.  Everything that needs doing will still be there when you're done.  Spare the hour to keep your sanity and get a page done in the process.

Go.  Create.

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