Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Peeks

I have two children who have been listening to Christmas music for a few weeks now.  At least they waited until after Halloween.  I, myself, have to wait until after Thanksgiving, but then that's all I listen to - unless I'm listening to my audio book of Voyager.  It's #Droughtlander, I have to do something.

Anyway, before we even moved the furniture back after hosting Thanksgiving, my burly boys had hauled the tree up to a new spot.  It is now in the family room, instead of the front room, where it's been for 18 years.  The kids have wanted to move it in the past, to see it more than just when they go upstairs, come downstairs, or drive past the front window.  It's in the process of being decorated, mostly by the eight year old, who is doing a pretty good job of spreading out ornaments around and up and down the tree.  At least as far as a step ladder and his little arms are able to manage.  

Our elf arrived this morning, bearing a Lego advent calendar.  Brown boxes are arriving.  Lists are beginning to fill my head.  My house is in a general state of conversion.  There are secret meetings, and when stumbled upon, those involved look startled and guilty at the same time.

It must be the Christmas season.  Which would explain why this month's kits are filled with all manner of holiday papers and goodies.  I love the kits because they make regular and pocket pages easy to do.  This is especially nice during a season when time for yourself is fleeting.  But they also make doing specialty albums, like December Daily or Journal Your Christmas a breeze.  I've done both projects, and will be doing a version for 2016, as well.  I've combined the two and done them separately, and in every variation there is a kit.  

I haven't grabbed a photo of the Card Kit, but it is filled with cold weather papers.  With complete instructions for creating cards, it's ready for you to sit down and start creating a stash of cards to supply your special events during the coming year.  You can look here and see what a past kit looks like.  

If you aren't already on the autoship list - go join today, for any of the kits.

Happy Thursday,

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