Wednesday, December 21, 2016

We Are

It's busy and getting busier.  Besides the usual daily home things (cooking, cleaning, overseeing homework, etc.), there's getting ready for Christmas (I believe I am finished shopping -- WHOOP!), the high schoolers and their finals, work schedules to coordinate and hockey.  Then, you add those extra seasonal things and boom, you're toast.

  • The Guitar Man (much relieved after performing his solo) and the groupies who came to support him
  • Third Grade Christmas party - because one or two foam stickers will never be enough
  • The Robin who didn't fly south with his friends.  He was puffed out to the size of a softball, trying to eat the berries off the tree.  Berries that were frozen solid, thanks to single-digit temps, and kept popping off the tip of his beak, and zipping away, as he tried to grab them.  He got one while I watched.  
  • Taking (in red) and winning a face-off! 
  • When it's warmer in the rink than it is outside
  • This week's teams
  • A little holiday crafting.  The trees are super cute and we created quite the forest, which is now sprinkled around the house.
  • When the Girlie is out shopping and sends you this, you get the distinct impression it's not going well.
  • The uglier the better?  Or you waited too long to get the sweater you really wanted.
  • When you're called out for missing your day opening the advent calendar door.  #don'tgetonthelist

Here's to hoping I don't find something I forgot to get while I'm wrapping presents.

Happy Wednesday,

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