Saturday, December 19, 2009

25 Days of Sketches - Day 19

Well, yesterday turned out pretty good, better than I expected. I managed to pick up a couple gifts. I finished ordering for February kits -- ooooo! ;D Got the kids to clean up their rooms and they did an awesome job! My daughter decorated her room (and door) for Christmas. The boys even went through their clothes and pulled out a bunch for the give-away box. As reward, we ordered in pizza.
Today we have soccer in the morning, basketball in the afternoon and Mass in the evening. Somewhere in between I need to bake cookies for the annual Cookie Bake I'll host on Sunday. We need to finish up the tree - though at this point, I'm good with the way it looks now. As part of our advent calendar, we have "wrap presents as a family" and I actually have some the kids can see so they can help with the wrapping. I need to get out and get a few more things, but need DH to go along, or at least give the "okay."
What will you do today? Your 19th sketch? Nineteen! Nineteen -- if you've been cropping everyday, you've completed 19 layouts! Amazing! Even if you haven't been able to do all of them to date, but you've been doing some, pat yourself on the back too! Making the time to do something for yourself this time of year can take some doing - so good for you.
Here is today's sketch, by Bessie Villegas, as well as an example based on the sketch. Thank you Bessie! :) This is the last sketch for the current week.
Enjoy your Saturday and whatever festivities you may have going on today.


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LindaR said...

I used my Dec '09 kit. Look Lori, ears on this one!

Nitasha said...

here's mine ...