Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We Are

We are drawing near the start of school for everyone.  The High School Freshman starts next Monday, the High School Junior starts Tuesday, we move the College Freshman up on Thursday (I can't even) and the Second Grader - yeah, not sure when his start day is.  I think it's probably next week, but it could be the following Monday.  I probably should figure that out.

Colorado Peaches are in and they are stinkin' huge - softball sizes.  We'll be heading out to the Peach Festival this weekend to load up on them. I'd still like a drive out to the Western Slope to pick a few, even though we'll be up to our eyeballs.  It'll be peaches with everything. We'll stuff ourselves until we've had enough to wait until next year's crop.  I'm sure there will be canning involved.

Considering this is the week before school, it was relatively quiet.  I know I totally spaced out one thing, and given that, I'm hesitant to find what else I forgot that made the week so quiet.

Week in the Life starts on the 17th, so I will probably be doing some version of it.  Especially since it falls on such a chapter closing/chapter opening time in our family.

  • We are sending out High School schedules.
  • We are watching the boxes in her room multiply - it's the cleanest her room has been in ages.  As I look at them, I'm not thinking about this being the last load of laundry I'll fold (probably not, but the thought struck me nonetheless while doing this week's laundry.)  I won't watch "The Trio," as she heads out to the movies with her two brothers.  My heart won't contract when I watch her with the 6 y.o.  I won't think about watching "our" shows without her.  I won't look around at my family of six, as we eat dinner, and talk about ridiculous things or share our inside jokes.  I definitely won't be shedding any tears.  I won't.  I'm not.
  • We are school supply shopping.  There's only one list (everyone else shops for how they best track their classes) this year. . .so very weird.
  • We are heading to a Whiskey Tasting at Union Station via Light Rail.
  • We are hiding from Monday.  We can totally relate, dog.
Happy Wednesday,


wendipooh13 said...

wow all the different schools now!!! I know its hard but exciting about your college daughter.. we did the school shopping already, and I am sooo glad that is done :)

Lori said...

I know...on the schools. They're at three different ones now, which hasn't been the case since the 6 y.o. was in pre-school.

Soooo, very glad shopping is done. I took the Girlie out last night to get the last few things on her list for her dorm room. Anything else she needs we'll get on move in day when we're up there.