Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We Are

We are trying to get over a serious case of writer's block.  I think it's just coming down after all the pre-school prep and shopping.  My brain just couldn't handle one more thing, the least of which was composing thoughts and getting them down.

The Girlie in ensconced up at school.  Her room is was all set up and ready for hitting the books, or as an escape (she recuperates by finding solitude, just like her mom.)  It's weird and pretty quiet without her at home.  Though I have to say, with four kids, taking any one of them out of the mix for any amount of time and the noise level decreases exponentially.  I also have to say, I'm not missing the messes she leaves behind - shake maker and ingredients on the counters after her workouts, hair bands and clips on the floor (I've stepped on or sucked up more of these than Legos!), the kids' bathroom is clean (even though it's just the boys in there now), her room gives me peace whenever I see it because it's C.L.E.A.N. and laundry took me a day and a half without having to do her clothes.  

The high school boys are settling into, and even enjoying, some of their classes.  The second grader only started on Monday, but seems to be enjoying school; he was certainly excited enough about its impending start.

And life begins to settle into a new normal.

  • Week in the Life - Prepping desserts for a gathering of family.  
  • Week in the Life - If I'm in the kitchen, someone else usually cooks at his kitchen along side me.  Today he is offering, during the gathering later, "Get your free smoothie.  It has peas and bananas, all my sauces.  Stand open from 7:00 to 8:00"  I'm not sure "chef" is going to be his calling.
  • Week in the Life - Sometimes it's your own family that makes leaving easier.
  • Week in the Life - I couldn't stand to call it a "Good-Bye Party" so it was a "Wish Her Good Luck" party.  If we offer food, they will come.
  • Week in the Life - Here we are and here it begins.
  • Week in the Life - I posted on Instagram, "It took nine months to prepare for her arrival, and 18 years to let her go."
  • Week in the Life - Girlie, her room and her BFF.  For me, it was easier to say good-bye after checking out her building, her room, seeing the campus (at least what I could see of it from her room) and seeing all the things open for her to participate in.
  • Week in the Life - Good-byes were hard and tear-filled.
  • Week in the Life - She sent us what her finishing touches added to her room.  It's so her.
  • Week in the Life - We had an exciting morning - reverse 911 and this notice on my phone.  The bears were a mile from our neighborhood.  There have been half a dozen sightings in the suburban neighborhoods this year.  I guess pickings are bad in the foothills.
  • Week in the Life - Asleep.  Finger on the screen.
  • Week in the Life - Putting up the remainder of this year's peaches.  No jam.  But I did freeze slices (individually) so we'll see how those work.
  • Week in the Life - Class of 2019.  She told us she's the one in green.  Too bad she blinked.
  • Week in the Life - Clothes shopping with boys is such a different animal.
  • We are a Junior!  How?
  • We are so excited to start second grade.  Came downstairs, practically flying and singing how it was the first day.
  • We are almost used to the chaos of the first day; it's been 13 years so far.
  • We are ever so grateful to the chef who first whipped up hot cream, butter and chocolate to create this luscious concoction.
  • We are colored happy.
Happy Wednesday,


Donna Nuce said...

UNC is such a great school (my alma mater)! I am sure she will love it and do well. Chin up! She'll be home (maybe every weekend if she's anything like my daughter was). Have a great day Lori!

Lori said...

We have run into so many people who went to UNC - most of them at church. She's loving it. LOL, even if we had left her a car, I'm not sure she'd be down every weekend. She does have plans to be down for two weekends in a row, starting weekend after this one and then again in October because she's running the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon.