Wednesday, March 16, 2016

We Are

WooHoo! The app I use for uploading my photos from my phone is, finally, back in action.  That means there's more than a week's worth of what we've been up to.

We had a lot of hockey in our lives, lately.  But some of that has wrapped up.  Well, for the Mite player it has, and he is none to happy about that.

  • We are She is home for the weekend with definitive plans.
  • We are They are out for some work-related bonding
  • We are They are attending the first of two nights of outdoor hockey, all thanks to the little brother who went from hockey fan, to hockey player!
  • We are out for a Father and Daughter date night - Alumni Game (photos by Girlie) with mini Zambonis (which the 7 y.o. would love) Red Wings vs Av's and players from the Cup Years.  Av's win!
  • We are the bored middle child at brunch
  • We are They are heading to night two, Outdoor Series, 60 degrees, Coors Field (photos by Girlie and the 17 y.o.)  Av's loss.  Boo.
  • We are They are on their own in downtown.  Took the train down.  Toured the vendors before the game.
  • We are They are enjoying the great seats - three rows from the field, which would be great seats for baseball, not so much for hockey, with the boards blocking most of the view.  But with a Jumbo-tron in center field and high enthusiasm, it hardly matters.
  • We are They are watching Andy Grammer during the first period break
  • We are They are fans of hometown group The Fray, who performed during the second period break.
  • We are They are gathering souvenirs
  • We are finding the two of them in the 45,000+ attendees at the Stadium Series game, night two.
  • We are scoring our first, ever, goal.  Complete with a down-on-one-knee-fist-pump post-goal celebration.  You know, just like the big boys.
  • We are two goals and two assists for his very first game.
  • We are finiding it hard to play when we can barely see over the boards.
  • We are left wondering
  • We are happy to have her home for the week.  Too bad nobody's Spring Break lines up with anyone elses!
  • We aren't really sure, but I know I'll miss these unexplained moments they have when they are all together.
  • We are She is wondering why she lives in this house.  Thinking the streets have to be easier than putting up with this crap.
  • We are
  • We are Running with the Bulls for a presentation before actually heading to Spain - though not to run with the bulls.  At least I don't remember seeing it on his itinerary.
Happy Wednesday, 

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