Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We Are

We are posting late.  Very late.  It was a snow day.  Emphasis on the snow part.  As in the weather gypsies totally called it wrong.  Oh, they got the blizzard part - I was in it, stinging, blowing snow and all, while attempting to remove the two feet of snow that they said was going to be 6-12".  A little off.  I know I lost three pounds just today.  I think I deserve the rest of the week off with someone to massage my feet and feed me chocolate.

  • We are thinking it has the feel of the Bachelor and the Final Rose.  The 7 y.o. needs a box for a book report, and apparently the one from his sister didn't make the cut.
  • We are up early and saying good-bye to the 17 y.o.
  • We are managing a group selfie before leaving him with his classmates as they head to Europe for Spring Break
  • We are getting a few peeks from him before he leaves US airspace
  • We are wondering what his clothes look like.  One carry-on sized bag/backpack.  10 days. Four airlines.  And a bus.
  • We are He is just getting started; hopefully he slept on the plane.  He left home at 11 am.  Arrived in Paris the following morning at 8:30 and hit the ground running.
  • We aren't sure why "the suit" is making an appearance, but it is.  To shovel.  (this isn't a picture of the current storm.)
  • We are getting pics from our boy.  Two trips to the Eiffel Tower.  One during the day and some spectacular stuff at night.
  • We are He is touring Notre Dame
  • We are He is on the move after two days in Paris.  On to Bordeaux.
  • We are having to do some Googling about some of his stops - Chateau de Chenonceau
  • We are having a Snow Day.  Too bad it was all snow and no fun.
Happy Wednesday,

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