Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We Are

We are grateful that our 17 y.o. is back home on US soil and had a wonderful trip.  He is not too happy about having to head out to school this morning, but, at 17 he'll recover.  I'm looking at snow falling.  Again.  I've got one more child on Spring Break this week.  Again.  Then we're in for the slow crawl to Summer Break.

  • We are digging out and he's on the largest sand dune in Europe.  Nice.
  • We are set.  Let the coloring begin.
  • We are one shy in the designer department; and missing him.
  • We always enjoy the mix of colors and designs
  • We are an egg-dyeing over-achiever
  • We can dress them up, but can't take them out
  • We are an Easter people
  • We are coming to enjoy the Easter Vigil
  • We are getting pie after Vigil.  If you sit through a two and a half hour service, that starts at 8:00 pm, you should at least be able to end the night with pie.
  • We see the Easter Bunny brought something for everyone. . .and she knows it.
  • We are beginning the search
  • We have passed the spot three or four times before clues make him think to look in the box.
  • We are the last to find our basket.  Thanks Easter Bunny!
  • We can always tell when new filters hit SnapChat
  • We are being fitted for virtual techology
  • We are not finding the photos taken, with my phone, while I try out the aforementioned virtual technology as funny as these two do.
  • We are seeing Spain through his eyes - Bull Fighting Ring in Pamplona
  • We are He was looking forward to seeing the Sagrada Familia the most
  • We think the photos are beautiful, the real thing must be breathtaking
  • We are learning to just look and not think too hard about any of it
  • We love watching the kids interact.  There was a short burst of texts when the 17 y.o. returned to Denver.  In Spanish, of course.
  • We like when "the brother" comes home
  • We He has two more stamps in his passport than I do.
  • We feel the world is righted again.  But maybe it's just the beret.
Happy Wednesday,

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