Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We Are

After the last couple weeks, this week seems inordinately quiet.  It's been hot, too, and I don't do heat.  So, I didn't do much that required going outside, or any movement, really.

  • After weeks (and weeks), finally working for the summer, aka paying student loans.  I know when she's on break because there's a flurry of social media activity.
  • Celebrating Fathers - this one happens to be mine - and utterly grateful for everything they do and provide for their families.  There aren't enough adjectives, and "love" never covers all those bases.
  • What's Father's Day without a water balloon fight?  It was in the mid-90's so nobody was complaining
  • My 15 y.o. making a charge for his older brother
  • My 7 y.o. (burgundy), his 7 y.o. cousin and my brother - who had immunity and a hose (which was taken over by my father.  Never turn your back on grandpa.)
  • My 17 y.o. in retaliation mode
  • Big storms a-brewin'
  • Summer sunsets
  • We replaced our checked-out dryer, by replacing both washer and dryer (the dryer is awaiting hook-up to a new gas line, so it's just me, my new red washer and the laundromat.)  Anyway, the big boxes were irresistible to the 7 y.o. who had plans.  One of which included the "car" that broke down on him.  We don't have car troubles, typically, in our family, so I'm not sure where this stream of conscientiousness comes from.  It cracked me up though.
Happy Wednesday,

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