Thursday, September 14, 2017

Creative Time Taken

Between my boys heading out fishing a couple weekends ago, and hubby being gone this weekend, I had time in a (mostly) empty house to do some soul-saving crafty things.

I had a few choices that I talked about here.  This weekend I opted to work on a couple things - now that my ducks, or rather additional supplies, were now in a row.

I picked up a home decor kit from  Paisley and Polka Dots.  I had been decorating the house for the change in seasons and decided to start with this wooden apple, to add to the decor.  All the paper and embellishments were included.  It was an easy project, that took very little time and was satisfying to complete.

The Apple is part of a larger box that includes 11 other seasonally-based pieces.  The apple, along with the other 11 designs, can go in the place of the "O" in the "Home" lettering below, but I opted to put it in with my mantle decor.

The letters for Home" were a bit more challenging, only because of their shapes.  Cutting out the papers and then sanding off the edges took a little longer, but nothing unmanageable.  My A-type personality is trying to be okay with my not aligning the paper on the "M" the same as the other letters (which happened because I wasn't thinking) - the "slats" run horizontal instead of vertical.

I chose to put the letters in a corner shelving unit in my kitchen.  I need to add more fall things to this corner, but I like the letters here.  I'm sure they will move around as various seasonal decor fills or opens up these shelves.  Sometimes they'll be accompanied by the other 11 designs in place of the "O" and sometimes it'll probably just be as it is now.  I really like the letters size and can see different spots in the house where they would work, too.

This weekend is all about birthdays - we have three in my little family that fall within a week - so creative time will be limited, if not nonexistent.

Happy Thursday,


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