Wednesday, September 6, 2017

We Are

We kick off September with heavily smoke laden skies, an anniversary and lots of studying.

  • Girlie spends a lot of time at coffee shops studying - or drinking coffee.  She says studying.
  • Hubby and I celebrated 28 years of marriage.  It actually fell on our wedding day. . .how often does that happen?  To celebrate he fixed tires, bought tires and cleaned wheels.  I headed out, alone, in search of fall decor.  We did spend a bit of time together at WalMart where we picked up some Mums for the front porch.  While there I saw a Pioneer Woman display and found this platter.  Last year, he tried,  to get a similar platter (it was sold out everywhere, and eventually disappeared.)  So when I found this one, I had to get it, naturally.  It's huge.  I love it.
  • Smoke from Western fires is causing some interesting light here.
  • Fall. . .it's coming!
  • The smoke from Western-States' fires (and two from Colorado) was so heavy, you couldn't see the foothills, let alone a quarter mile down the road.
  • Back-to-School Night Mystery.  Find your child's desk based on the clues they left behind.  Clue #1 was, "I like Mustangs."  Found him!
  • When the teacher at back-to-school night finishes with, "Hopefully your kids are studying their states and capitals for the test tomorrow."  And you come home to find back-to-school child thinks the test is next week.
  • #welcometocramming
  • We have three drivers, five different places everyone needs to be and two cars.  Enter the really inexpensive car we purchased this week.  The new car is not only really inexpensive, it's a manual - all the kids know is automatic.  Brave hubby took all three, at the same time, to teach them.
  • Let the chiropractic appointments commence.
  • It's not easy learning to drive a manual, but when you add a peanut gallery that includes all your siblings, it's brutal.
  • After just a couple days things are much smoother
  • Coffe Shop and Girlie.  A love affair.
  • Working on Labor Day only has one benefit (besides the money). . .getting your APUSH done because everyone else is outside.
  • My final peach recipe for this season.  A pie.
  • The wildfire smoke makes some great sunrises. . .if nothing else.
Happy Wednesday,


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