Friday, September 4, 2009

5 on Friday

Ahhh -- a three-day weekend. No homework, no soccer, no nothing. We've rented a cabin up in the mountains for a couple nights; the kids are very excited. We haven't been away all summer and the last time we "camped" our youngest at the time was about a year old -- our current youngest's age. My older boys have dreams of catching a record fish; it's been a rough fishing season I guess. I haven't made any plans for while we're there. I think I'll try to pull a couple kits together to play with, maybe work on November kits and pretty much enjoy the sensation of not being pulled to do something, like when I'm at home. So, because of the holiday weekend, I'll extend the deadline for today's challenge until Monday night. While I'm sure that Molly has enjoyed winning, it's always fun to have a little competition, which we had last week with Bessie. So I'd love to see the extended deadline entice a couple more folks out of the woodwork to try their hand on this week's challenge:
  • 1 sheet of cardstock
  • 1 set of florals
  • 1 set of buttons
  • 1 sheer something
  • 1 length of ribbon

Outside of any journaling and title, use only the listed ingredients above. As I said, because of the holiday weekend, we'll move the deadline to Monday, September 7th, in the evening. Link your layout in the comment section below and we'll award someone a yummy treat.

I hope everyone has a nice, long, relaxing weekend.



Molly said...

Hey...I resent that!! No, not really...I do love winning!! But what I really love about the 5 on Friday is the fun of just getting a LO done without the pressure (self-imposed of course) of using tons of products painstakingly chosen from my stash. I also like the challenge of breaking away from my norm (2-page layouts using less patterned paper, more cardstock and LOTS of embellishments) and trying things I don't do a using buttons (not usually a huge button fan, but I have been lately). So, although I do love winning (even by default), I have really enjoyed having someone else do the work of choosing things for me to use so that I can get my pages done. I hope that there are many 5 on Fridays planned for the future, or maybe you can just write a book of them for me to use....Thanks for the inspiration!!!!! And, yes, I do plan to submit a LO for this one too, I just can't pass it up!

Bessie said...

Oh Molly, you are too funny! Winning is fun, but what makes it more fun is how yummy those cookie treats are, don't you think?

Well, I have a question for this challenge. Can we mix the ingredients? Meaning can we mix lets say sheer with the riboon (sheer ribbon)?

Lori, enjoy Nature...can't wait for you to come back and tell us all about it. :-)

LindaR said...

OK, Molly here's some company!
If only I knew how to link.

You can copy paste into my Apron Strings album to see my lo.


LindaR said...

oops wrong pic comes up. Look at the "so sweet" layout next to it.

scrapweaver said...

I completed one too but I am not sure how to post here either. any hints?

scrapweaver said...

I will try this to see if it works.


no idea but will try it.

scrapweaver said...

no luck but the link will take you to my layout at photo bucket, sorry.

Molly said...

Yea, more layouts!!!! I did mine too. This one was really fun. Of course, I may be disqualified because I did some stamping (sorry, I couldn't resist..I hate my writing). Thanks for another great challenge, I love the something sheer. I used a Fancy Pants transparency I have had forever but have been afraid to use! You can see my page at:

Bessie said...

Here is my take:

Thanks again for another 5 on Friday.