Friday, September 11, 2009

Cartoon Feet & Lots of Stuff

I love TV -- there it's out there. I grew up watching it, and I could still sit and just veg in front of it. It's the perfect "great escape" for me. My kids mess with my escape time now -- dangit! :) Ah, well, I can share with them all my favorite cartoons, you know, the good ones: The Flintstones, The Jetsons and, of course, Looney Toons. Do you know how when a cartoon character is getting ready to run, run really fast, that they jump in the air and their feet start spinning around in a circle. They just hang in the air for a few seconds before dropping to the ground and flying off like a rocket. Well, that's how I feel when coming back into work/school life after a long holiday weekend. Especially when I've been out of town. Add to that the week is billing and shipping week and wholly cow! While I was hanging up in the air for that split second, on Monday night, I saw before me the busy, busy week ahead. I knew when my feet touched down, it was going to be a crazy ride. And here, on Thursday, it has been and I still have a couple days left before Sunday, decompression day. I issued a photo challenge before leaving and have a winner from that challenge: Maria Swiatkowski was selected by I'll add a goodie to your kit shipment :). It was great to see photos from people's long weekend. Below are a few shots from our weekend away: DH and I enjoying a nice quiet game of Cribbage, our newest way to spend quiet time together -- no electricity needed. So far, I'm up on wins over him.

Three of the six fish caught on Sunday afternoon. A storm drove the excited fishermen back to shore. Those of us back at that cabin, aka "Base" received a walkie-talkie update from "Boat" every time a fish was landed.

My sweet kiddos, with the beautiful scenery behind them. Look how great they're coordinated, with no planning!

After a little four-wheeling, my older boys tumbled out of the car to do what boys do when rocks present themselves; throw the rocks into Texas Creek and see who can throw the farthest.

Hurray, to those who completed the 5 on Friday challenge. Great layouts! Thanks, Molly, for the letting us know the reasons you enjoy 5 on Fridays. If you haven't tried 5 on Friday, I encourage you to take it up this Friday. It's a quick, fun way to get a page done (maybe step outside that box, like Molly said) and get the chance to win something yummy, too. Speaking of which, has selected Bessie! Bessie, look for your goodie in your shipment. The last Blog Party Challenge produced some wonderful layouts with metallic embellishments. says that Linda is the winner -- look for your goodie in your next shipment. Congrats! It's a beautiful layout. Wow, that's a lot of stuff -- I'll leave you here for now. 5 on Friday coming up! Photobucket

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Bessie said...

Oh, look at you! Beautiful family, Lori...and thank you for the cookie jar treat. :-)

I'm not feeling too well, but hopefully I'll be able to play tomorrow.