Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Go To Your Happy Place

You know, there are days, as a mom, when I wonder how much time I spend cleaning up after people. I don't mean the laundry, breakfast dishes kind of clean-up, I mean closing cabinet doors, picking up someone's socks, snagging the trash left behind from a snack off the couch, putting the toothpaste lid on the tube. Stupid little things like that. I wondered, as I shut a cupboard door for the umpteenth time this morning, how many minutes a day I'd have if people would just shut the cupboard themselves! It was a path that would only lead to exasperation, so I left it and went to get my coffee -- my happy place. With my coffee in tow, I sat down to work -- actually, another happy place. I mean, being surrounding by all kinds of scrapbook stuff. Who wouldn't be happy? And even yummier is that I've been sorting the October kits; the Halloween stuff -- love it. All the fall pretties -- gotta have them. (Little tidbit -- November's stuff is almost all here! Heavenly.) Plus, I'm pulling together goodies for this week's Blue Plate Special. Add to that I'm planning Treats for during Croptober-fest! You should be in your happy place now just in anticipation! Have you started gathering things for Croptober-fest. It kicks off tomorrow and I want to know all the layouts you complete in October. Let's make it fantastic and super-duper productive! Photobucket

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