Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Catch-All

Typically it will take me a few hours to create a blog post. Not because I'm that slow, but because I'm usually multi-tasking while I'm composing; house chores, work chores, baby wants to help, school pick-up -- you name it, I'm probably doing it. Today though, we'll see if I can do this in one sitting. It'll help that it's going to be short and sweet. Lucky you! :) It was so great to see the layouts from the 5 on Friday -- more ladies, more layouts! I love that. You realize, of course, that I enjoy it because I crop vicariously through you all. Sad, but true. Keep 'em coming and watch for this week's 5 on Friday. Speaking of 5 on Friday, I have a winner, provided by random.org -- Briel! Congrats, you'll find a treat in your next shipment. This week's Monday Challenge from Bessie is a great one since both September kits have diecut papers in them; both Bigger kits and the My Mind's Eye page kit in the Smaller. How easy is this challenge now?? Just go grab some photos. See -- short and sweet. I can't ramble on when I have pressing matters -- laundry to finish, a few kits to wrap up and get out, Sous Chef October kits (which are totally awesome - yes, I was in H.S. in the 80's) to get ready to go and best, of the best, November kits to select and get ordered, I have two of the five paper lines . . . choices, choices. Then there's soccer practice and the last of the back-to-school nights tonight. And so, I'm off. . .have a great Tuesday. OH, watch for Maria's post tomorrow on creating her beautiful and easy-to-do (love that) 12x12 canvas. Now I'm done. Photobucket

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