Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Fall (WooHoo) and a Challenge

First day of fall, and my son's 9th birthday, he's super excited. Yes, we have another birthday in the family. There's actually five in September. I LOVE fall! It's my favorite of all seasons. So yesterday when a cold front blew in to abruptly end the summer (80's on Saturday and it barely made it to 55 yesterday), I was thrilled. It was cloudy and rainy all day. This fall-like weather is supposed to continue through Wednesday and with a freeze warning out it means Indian Summer could be just around the corner. Yeah!! In watching for fall, I see lots of little changes taking place in my backyard. Changes that will probably accelerate with the cooler weather. The bushes along the side of the house are turning hot red, the tree in the back has spots of gold tucked inside and the Autumn Purple Ash has started to turn. As I drive around the city there are spots of color and other signs of the season change. It got me to thinking, what changes are occurring elsewhere. I know the "Gold Rush" has begun in the mountains -- when the Aspens turn brilliant shades of yellow and gold, but what about where you live? Are the leaves starting to change? Are mums blooming in the neighborhood? Have you rotated out your summer linens for fall ones? Dusted off your slow-cooker? What marks the seasonal change for you? Go out and document it -- snap four photos that show the changing season in your neck of the woods. Provide a link in the comment section by Friday night and be eligible for a Cookie Jar Treat. Speaking of Treats, my late posting of 5 of Friday, for 6 on Saturday garnered a win for Bessie -- Congrats! Layouts were wonderful, keep them coming! Enjoy (and document) your first day of fall! Photobucket

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Charlene said...

Hi Lori!
I love the changing of the season to Fall...the cooler weather, hot soups, scarves...I hope you like my fall pictures! HERE is my post. :)