Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Croppy Summer Assignment #3

My own scrapbooking inspiration is coming from the Big Picture class I'm taking and, unfortunately, I didn't get my Big Picture assignment done yesterday; but I have a good excuse. My family and I were at a local amusement park, enjoying the beautiful evening. In all the years I've lived here (which is a lot) I had never been to this park. Driven past it hundreds of times, but the other amusement park in town was my family's choice when we were little. So I had some preconceived ideas, that were very wrong. The park, which was built in the early 1900's was like stepping back in time. Art Deco architecture, original neon signs in those great 30's, 40's and 50's fonts (depending on when the ride was opened.) I could imagine the different decades' of people wandering through the park. It's a small park by today's enormous, overgrown standards, but that just added to the quaintness of it. The kids enjoyed everything from the roller coaster, to the Round-up, to some freakish free-fall thing, to the Kiddie Rides they helped the 1 y.o. stay seated on.

It'll be a kick to eventually scrapbook these photos and my own (and my sister's and husband's enlightenment about the park.) I'll see what I can get done tonight, scrappy-wise.

Today, however, brings YOU your next assignment which is: Create the tag using the map below and incorporate it onto your next layout. The Tag Map is from PageMaps.

This layout, along with the others from this week are due Sunday evening, linked through the new InLinkz feature found at the bottom of each post.
Have fun!


Deanna said...

Added my link for challenge #3, tag based on the PageMap and then added to my layout, "Birthday Girl".

Nitasha said...

Love the pics from the amusement park...looks so vintage! And that little boat ride brings back so many memories of going to local fairs! Anyway, just linked up my tag/LO! Happy 4th of July!