Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sketches on Wednesday

It's a gorgeous morning - birds are chirping, the dog is sleeping, the toddler is with his brothers downstairs - wait, I hear his voice at the door . . .wait. . .alrighty, back to where I was.  Birds?  Yep, still chirping.  Dog is still sleeping.  Toddler is now screaming. . .the smell of road sealer is hanging in the air, but the blockades are gone from my street.  I can once again leave without having to factor in the 10 minute hike to the car, 30 if the toddler is with me.

Though the major unpacking was done when we got home on Sunday, there still are remains about the house - the coolers on the back porch drying out, the leftovers that need a new idea for dinner tonight, the last load of laundry calling to be folded and a stack of Apron Strings stuff waiting to be dealt with.  I'd rather avoid all that and reminisce over the weekend. 

The kids are standing on about 6 feet of snow.  Driving up the pass, the snow carved out on the sides of the road, at times, was over the roof of our Expedition

Winners of Pictionary, Night One, Game One

It was fish-a-polluza on the lake.  The boys brought home at least 12, but probably released another 12.  We ate well up there, shared the bounty after coming home and will eat leftovers tonight - I'm thinking a take on crab cakes is in order.

Big fire, built by the men-folk of course, marshmallows, s'mores and . . . texting?  Hey, I don't think so missy.

Ahh, yea.

Since he was probably 5, my 10 y.o. has been on the hunt for a Pike.  I fierce fish, with rows of teeth much like a shark, that can grow as large as the 10 y.o. is.  This is his first one!  He kept the lower jaw filled with razor like teeth to show off.

This was the largest fish caught over the weekend.  The lucky angler, my 12 y.o., held the bragging rights -  a 22" Mackinaw that was delish!

And the inevitable mountains of laundry and the dog who loves to sleep on it.

As I look at those I can't help but think of how to scrap them.  I see my October Afternoon Camp Fire line and several  2-page multi photo sketches will be needed.  One like this one from Becky Fleck of PageMaps fame.

You can use this one too.  Upload yours to the link below by Sunday evening to be eligible for the drawing for a Cookie Jar Treat.

Happy mid-week!


Deanna said...

I see you've been on vacation too! Looks like lots of FUN!

I'm itching to scrap so hope to jump on this 2-pager after breakfast.

Patchi said...

This was the perfect sketch for the pictures I had on my scrap table! thanks!!!

Deanna said...

Wonderful take on the sketch, Patchi!

Here's my take and I added some extra photos.

"Happiness at the Playground"