Monday, June 27, 2011


It was a comfortable weekend, though too stinkin' hot for me.  DH's brother is in town so the boys took off fishing, but got skunked.  We took our 2 y.o. to his first movie, "Cars 2."  He's a huge "Cars" fan.  He wasn't quite sure what to make of things - the long dark walk into the theater, the big screen, the loud volume.  He loved the giant candy and soda!  After the 20 minutes of previews, a "Toy Story" short came on - another fave is "Toy Story" - he thought that was it and I thought we were in trouble.  Overall, the movie was okay.  It wasn't quite what I expected; there was a lot of Mater (which is okay, he likes Mater, too) and the story line was alright.  He doesn't seem to remember the story the way my now 12 y.o. did when we took him to see "Toy Story 2" when he was about 2 y.o.  But we were down picking up Father's Day gifts from a pottery store in Olde Town and he remembered the theater that you can see from where we were.  That's something.

So, sigh, here we are back at Monday - with chores and cooking and heat in the forecast - all things not so much fun.  I need something fun.  I did head to the basement studio for some cleaning - not sure it was so much fun, but it did feel good to be doing something down there - as long as I didn't look at the pile that was once my desk.  That's just scary - like Jason-scary.

I was playing with a color wheel and found the following split complementary set of colors.  They're so vibrant and summer - and COOL!  Use them in your layout for today.  Then upload your layout to the link and this time next Monday you could be a winner!
Off to try a new recipe - chicken alfredo pizza - and a traditional pizza for the nay-sayers in the family.  It's the only day this week that looks like I will even entertain the idea that there is an oven in my home - too hot to think of it even acknowledge its presence after today.

Happy Monday.


jengd said...

I'm with you- too bloody hot! We caught Cars 2 with our soon-to-be 4 year old yesterday- his first theater movie. I checked my watch- it was 30min from start time to the point when the movie actually started - that was painful for all of us. He really got restless and kept asking if "this is Cars 2?" The movie itself was heavy on secondary characters and plot line. I'd luckily read that Mater was #1 in this so we went in prepared for that. Definitely not as good as the first though both boys (also known as DH and DS) want to see it again.

LOVE the colors! I'm going to try to get in on this one! Try being the optimal word. :)

Unknown said...

Loved these colours! Thanks Lori!