Monday, June 13, 2011

I'mmmm Baaccckkk...

I'm back.  I'm unpacked - and was just an hour or so after we got home.  I even got laundry sorted and started.  I made dinner with some of the giant bunch?  Herd?  Flock?  String of fish we brought home.  My son's monster of a Mackinaw at 22".  Later after bathing the toddler, who despite having a shower every night while camping, still managed to lug home about 10 pounds of dirt on his body.  I capped off my return home with packing up a huge portion of the kits and set them out for pick-up this afternoon - actually I oversaw hubby and sons packing up, while I took care of the kitchen.  This morning I got up and got my Monday chores done - even with sleeping in.  I even have dinner in the slow-cooker!  I am on a roll. 

Or I was. . .  Due to some street sealing going on on my street tomorrow, I'm not sure that the remaining kits will get picked up tomorrow.  My street will be closed, as will be the street that runs perpendicular to my home.  We'll have to park in Wyoming if we plan to leave the house at all for the next 48 hours.  It's hard to ask the postman to make numerous trips back and forth with stacks of kits to whatever Kansas parking lot he had to stop in to deliver our mail.  Why do I tell you this?  So if you're one of the kits arriving a day or so later than usual, you'll know why.

Looks like everyone's a tad out of practice in the creating layouts and getting them uploaded.  I'll have to fix that.  Because of that you all made it very easy for Jengd to be the winner of last week's challenges!  Jen, I think I have your information, but send it to me again just to be on the safe side.

Today's challenge is based on the look below from Pottery Barn, one of my fave places to window drool. . .ah. . . window shop at.  Use it to inspire a layout this week.  I love the cool crispness of the white and blue.  The beachy feel of it.  The cute tin star and tin knick-knacks on the window ledges.  Even the blue and white pillow with the seashells.  What do you see that you can incorporate into your layout?  There are tons of great little details in this picture. 

Layouts will be due Saturday eveing. Prizes are available. . .come on, you know they're good!!  Think of this week's challenges as a warm-up and stretching exercises before the big "show."   I said I'd do some reading, some scrapbooking and some planning for the next big challenge. . .and I did!  Stay tuned.

Happy Monday.  Off to get back on a roll, with a left-over bar of Hershey's from 'Smore Night in tow.

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