Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finished It

I savored the Creating Keepsakes Creative Spaces special issue.  I lingered over it.  I drank parts of it in.  I dissected it.  I gathered what I needed from it.  I found things I didn't know I wanted.  And I drooled, just a little, when I found the one space that most closely resembles the one I built in my head.

I have been mulling over what I want my space to look like since I decided to make purging, cleaning and reorganizing it a goal for this year.  Since I sort the kits down there as well, and once I have a rhythm down it becomes fairly brainless, it is the perfect time to occupy myself with redoing my space.  What if I stack my cubes to make my desk?  Once I empty that drawer, what can I put in there.  I need to see it to use it, so what 's the best storage solution for this, or that?  Should I take up real estate with albums, or move the albums to my cupboard?  What kind of cubes do I need?  Should I just get an Ikea piece?  What colors - I love them all, so I play color wheel all the time.  The Creative Spaces issue has helped me see some of my ideas in action, color combos I thought of and now seeing them in a room think, "ya, maybe not.", and helped me solve some "what to do with this" issues.  And given me a couple of "cool, I have one of those I can totally do that!"

I would say, if you are looking to redo your space, are looking for storage solutions, are looking to solidify your style then you should find yourself a copy.  Really pick rooms apart once you've been drawn into one.  If you just love the voyeuristic side of looking into other studios, then that works too.  And I'm not kidding there's at least one "space" that's simply a desk, but they've made it work and made it personal. 

Now, let's see what the summer brings . . .

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Debbie said...

You are so right about this issue. I started looking at it late one night then I couldn't wait to get back to it the next morning. Geeze... it really is fantastic.
I saw a lot of ideas I wanted to use and things I may change in my own craft space.
Have a great day!