Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May Review

Ah, no running people around.  No sports.  No homework.  There is renewed hope in being able to tackle to 2011 Master To-Do list, aka Goals.

Let's see how May went:
  • Eating/Meal Planning:  It's gonna be hard to plan meals when there seems no point in it, in terms of not having to come home and get people moving because we have 10 places to be in 30 minutes.  Cooking is definitely more laid back in the summer.  Too hot to turn on the stove, so we grill.  That alone will at least make me think about what needs defrosting.  Whether that turns into an actual planned menu.  Couldn't say.  Personal eating . . .well I'm eating.  That's all I can say about that.  I'm eating.
  • Walking:  (crickets chirping)  Hey, I told you at the beginning of the year when I set these goals, I hate - remember H-A-T-E, exercise.  So really.  Are you surprised?  Because I'm not.
  • Organizing:  A little better this month.  I did finish up my closet.  Pulled lots of clothes and shoes and reorganized the shelves.  My daughter went through some of her clothes as well.  I straightened up the laundry room, which is a perpetual disaster - but the uniforms that collect there during the school year were dropped off for the exchange (sniff, all my daughter's tops, skirts and pants were in there - no longer necessary.  She was thrilled, I was sad.)  I organized the store room that houses Apron Strings.  The basement has stayed in shape.  Sort of.  In spots.
  • Me Time:  I finished Creative Spaces.  That was total-me time.  I continued to read another book.  I flipped through about four back issues of magazines.  I got out to meet a friend for coffee and did so without taking the toddler.  That was huge!  I even scrapbooked.  At home.  Once.  Result - one page.
  • Studio Space:  I spent time down there.  What concerned the reorg of the space was mostly done in my head.  I did the papers, but that was this month.  I think I'm gonna blame the puppy - when she's awake I can't leave her alone, she gets into too much stuff and requires constant watching.  Clearly she can't be down there with me - again, the too much stuff to get into.  So, yea, it's her fault.  Yea, that's it.  That's my story for May and I'm sticking to it.
Like I said, renewed hope that summer break will bring better results - she says trying to maintain a straight-face and choking down a hysterical laugh.  (snort).

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