Monday, January 23, 2012

Break Over

I'm on a roll.  Sort of.  Kind of.  I was.  Then I sat down to write this post.  Got side-tracked by Pinterest (which if you Pin, well, then you know.)  Then I needed to clean up today's email.  And well, now, it remains to be seen if I have any get-up-and-go when I'm done.  Frankly, there's much to do, so getting up and going really needs to happen.

But as I said, I'm on a roll.  I have done my Monday chores.  Laundry is rolling right along.  I wrestled the tree, finally, into sheets to be dragged downstairs.  The last of the boxes are downstairs.  Dinner is thawing - thank you Pinterest :)  Now, so long as I don't think about downstairs, it's all good.  When I think of what's been dragged down there and just left, well it makes me want to run away.

Downstairs aside, it's time to be productive again, crafty speaking, that is.  I actually made a card yesterday, for my husband, whose birthday was Saturday.  I know scary!  It turned out well.  I'll get you a picture tomorrow. . .cables are downstairs; remember, the place we're avoiding.  I have the December Daily to assemble.  And I'm participating in the Take 12 at Ella Publishing, so I have January's layout to do.  I have my list. . .here's your jumping off place, a nice Becky Fleck sketch.

And then a little eye candy using the January Smaller than a Breadbox kit the Jillibean papers, by Sous Chef Kristin Perez.

I'm off.  It's time to get up and get rolling again.

Happy Monday.

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Deanna said...

So glad to get back to your wonderful challenges, Lori.

Here's my version of the PageMap and I used the Oct. Smaller Than kit.

"Let's Party!"