Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Day Later

So I've had a couple "day later" days recently.

DH's birthday was on Saturday, but we had to celebrate on Sunday because of this guy . . .

Yep, Tim Tebow was in concert . . . er, Brad Paisley that is.  I'm not sure when my 14 y.o. became a Brad Paisley fan, but she has.  Now that she's seen him in concert (her first concert ever), she's over the moon.  Add the surprise appearance of another heart-throb and you have an experience that is out of  this world. . .especially if you're a 14 y.o. girl; a 14 y.o. living in Colorado, home of the Broncos' Tim Tebow.   Double Whamy!

The concert was a surprise gift for her upcoming 15th birthday - enter big-time Bonus Parent Points here.  Now, I've been to concerts.  Loud concerts, at that.  But when Tim Tebow came out on stage, I have never . . EVER. . . heard an eruption of screams like that.  Seriously, I wondered who we were there to see.  Him or Brad Paisley.  I liken it to what it must have been like to be at an early Elvis or Beatles concert.  The screams were deafening.  (I now understand the meaning of that.)  And my daughter. . .holy crap.  She almost fell out of her seat as she flew to her feet, which would have been a long fall given our seats, had her aunt not steadied her.  And the screaming.  The screaming. . .if I think about it, it's still ringing in my head.  She could barely contain herself.  She says she cried and I don't doubt it.  She immediately was texting friends across the arena (who I'm told were also in tears, and snapped the above photo), then telling her father at home (she couldn't get enough exclamation points on that message), and then posting to Facebook as fast as her shaking fingers could go.  If I hadn't seen it, I'd have said you couldn't possibly be talking about MY daughter. 
Super Quadruple Parent Points :D

So, DH's birthday was delayed a day.  Which worked out fine.  Gave me a day to fix a decent dinner, make some scrumptious orange-chocolate cupcakes and round up the kids to make him cards, myself included on that making cards thing.  I know. . .what in the world is going on in the universe that I made a card!  But I did.  Super simple, but it works.

So a challenge for you today . . . see how loud you can scream . . . or better yet, use the colors in the card to inspire your next layout.

Happy Wednesday.


jengd said...

Sounds like quite the event. I'd say you definitely earned "Cool Mom Status" for a bit. :)

Deanna said...

Sweet card, Lori!

Here's my layout based on some of the colors in your card.

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