Monday, January 9, 2012

NEW Rewards for Autoship Members

Do you goal-set, make resolutions, give yourself challenges. . .whatever you want to call it.  I guess we all do, whether we verbalize and share them or not.  Sometimes we have goals far reaching and sometimes it's as simple as taking a shower (note, I didn't say easy. . .I have four kids, I know the sometimes unattainable goal of a shower.)  As scrapbookers and crafters I think there's always the assumed goal of more pages, more cards, maybe trying something new.

This year, let Apron Strings help you with those spoken or unspoken goals for your crafting.   Join the no-commitment autoship and you'll get ingredients, along with plenty of inspiration, to create.  Being affordable, with kits starting at just $19, is just icing on your cake.  Autoship members enjoy the benefit of saving 10% over the regular price, unlimited skips, options for flipping or substituting
(some restrictions apply), no extra shipping for add-on orders when they ship with your monthly kits and NOW. . .there's a new Reward for members. 

Starting with January's kit, every month will be  the chance for something different - maybe all autoship members will get a discount code to use, or perhaps you've won a coupon for a free pack of cardstock or patterned paper, or maybe you'll find you've won your next month's kit for free. 

How do you get your chance? 
Join autoship!  Come on, you know you've been thinking about doing it anyway.  Now's your time.  New Year.  New Goals.  New Rewards.

Happy Monday!

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