Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Little Pre-Weekend Inspiration

It seems like a long time since the word "soccer" or "practice" or "game" showed up in any posting, and dang, it kinda feels nice.  Feels good actually.  Really good.  Yesterday though thoughts of chaotic schedules crept in when I received an update from one of my sons coaches about upcoming conditioning practices.  Ick.  And when I told said son about the schedule, I think he kinda felt the same way.  It'll be interesting to see if this will be his last season.  DH and I have wondered about his enthusiasm toward soccer over the last couple of seasons; it seems to be on a decline.  Whether that's related to burn-out or realizations that possibly playing in high school (he's currently in 7th grade) is going to be a tougher task than he anticipated, I don't know.  I know with as crazy as sports make our schedules, I will miss seeing him play.  I love going to their games - all the other crap that comes with it a sport. . .no so much, but games - yes.  We've always left what our kids participate in, and when they choose to stop, up to the them.  Time will tell, I guess.

Someday, I should really do a layout or two, or 10, about their soccer/sports lives. . .I don't think I've done a sports page about any of the kids since their shin guards actually guarded the majority of their legs, instead of just the shin area.  Sous Chef, Maria's layout, with its bright colors makes me want to pull out some of my daughter's volleyball photos and play with them and these October Afternoon papers, found in the January Smaller than a Breadbox kit.  I love the bright pops of color.

I'm just continuing to tick away at my to-do list.  I feel like I'm getting somewhere, so long as I don't look ahead too much and see how much more there is to do. . .I've learned no looking keeps the panic attacks at bay.  See, there's just no good to come from looking too far ahead.  I try to tell DH this, but he continues to want to be the long-term planner.  Frankly, he can have it, LOL.

Happy Thursday.

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Briel said...

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