Friday, January 27, 2012

Last Friday Blue Plate Special

It's the end of January. The Last Friday in January. . .how is that possible already?

Anyway, here in Colorado the weather has been nice (until today) - mid-60's have been the norm and NOT a whole lotta snow (until today.) Our snowiest months are still to come, actually. Buuutttt. . .it is winter and while I love the warmer days, I want snow! I want the fluffy flakes. The swirling winds. Frankly, I want something to cover the huge expanse of brown. Brown trees. Brown lawns. Brown flower beds. Even the streets feel brown. Brown, brown, brown. Ick. I NEED snow, and luckily, today, I'm getting it.  Tomorrow we'll be back to warm and melted away.

Since I'm not getting my snow fix from nature, I'm looking for it in my scrapbooking and playing with photos and papers that remind me of those cozy snow days.

Today, I've rounded up things that make me think of snow - swirly, sparkly, wintry looking things. And I've put them up at BIG savings, for today only.

Whether you've got actual winter weather, or you're wishing for it, today's your day to stock up to scrapbook it!

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