Monday, June 18, 2012

Altered Jar Project

I've called her my "Altered Queen" before.  And for good reason.  Today she, Kristin Perez, has this adorable altered jar.  She's done it up for Father's Day using her June Scraps, but you could take the idea and use it for an "I'm bored with Summer" jar, where you put ideas on things to do over Summer Break.  "Dress" the jar in a bikini, or a tank top. 
Create the Jar for teachers and/or back-to-school and dress the jar as an apple; which seriously, won't come as slowly as we'd like.  Create if for a birthday (dress the lid with candles), or count down to a holiday (dress it as a Jack-O-Lantern or Santa Suit) with little things to do to.  Count down to your vacation, dress the jar with Mouse Ears, the Eiffel Tower or any icon on where you're headed.  Shoot, take it on your road trip to either pull things out of to do while you're on the road, or to slip ephemera and other collectibles from the road.  Really the ideas are endless.

Kristin's written up a quick little tutorial on her blog HERE.

Happy (stinkin' hot 100+ degree) Monday.

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