Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday, It's Stinkin' Hot & I Have OLD Winners

The odd Saturday post.  But I had a few things I needed to let you know about.

Number one:  It's flippin' hot here; our second day with temps over 100.  We're looking at a solid week with temps well over 90, and very little rain in the forecast; not good for anyone including those fighting the fires all over our state.  ICK!!  So I spent yesterday's 102 degree day in the basement cleaning.  If we had a kitchen down here, I wouldn't leave!  Well, and if the futon was more comfortable.  I'm excited to say it's actually livable down here!  Even my studio space.  I know!  Scary, huh.  I'm so happy with my progress, I'll share pics next week!

The kids' space beyond is no longer pig-friendly.  I think I actually heard the pigs moving out yesterday.  Looking at their space doesn't kill any inspiration I may have.  Oh, I have a couple horizontal spaces to deal with. . .like the top of my cubes, but I should be able to tackle that in a matter of minutes.  I also have odds and ends on my desk from used kits that I need to deal with.  Sorting them made me wonder about how I currently have them, but it will require some thought. 

How do you deal with the little bits and baubles of left overs?  Sorted by color, by type (brads, buttons, ribbon, tags, florals, etc.), or by material (metals, acrylic, epoxy, etc.)

Number two:  It has come to my attention that the winners from March's Scrap Your Stash post never appeared.  I checked it out and, it's true, for whatever reason it never posted.  So after a little searching I found my original notes and have the following winners to post.  My sincere apologies for not noticing it myself.
  • Week #1 - Deanna D.
  • Week #2 - Rebecca - Send me your contact information and I'll get you a goodie
  • Week #3 ($10 Gift Code) - Deanna D.
  • Week #4 (Pink Paislee Goodies) - Deanna D.
Number three:  With the super high temps and my deep aversion to them, I will be spending the day in my studio refilling The Pantry.  Come shop this weekend and saving 10% on your purchases.  Enter code BLOG10 at checkout.

I'm off.

Happy Saturday.

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Deanna said...

Thanks so much, Lori!

Congrats to Rebecca too!