Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mirror Lake

A little wrap up on our trip a couple weeks ago. . .has it really been that long? 

When I was out this morning at 8:30 it was already 78 degrees, which makes me long for the highs of the mid-70's at the lake!  If you've followed me for any time you're well aware of my intense dislike for the summer heat.  It's not even officially summer and we've already topped 100 and the rest of this week will be in the 90's.  YUCK!!!!

So I will try to go back to the crisp, cool blues of this high mountain lake.  This is the lake we drove up to one afternoon - about 5 miles up and out of Tin Cup.  The kids did a little fishing, a lot of rock throwing and a little cairns building.  The dog went nuts running all over and swimming, if the kids threw a rock she tried to fetch it.  DH spent some time chatting with his brother, while I just sat on the rocky shore and took it all in.

I'm heading for the cool recesses of the house in an attempt to 1) clean said recesses to make them more inviting to where I actually want to be there, and 2) escape the oppressive heat - dry or not, it totally stinks!

Happy Tuesday.

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