Thursday, June 7, 2012

High Hello

A big hi-de-ho from up in the Colorado mountains.  I'm sitting in our cabin listening to water dripping in the shower because someone didn't turn the handle hard enough.  The sound if ATVs rumble through camp as other campers head off into the hills for the day.  And I'm watching my older boys out the front window try to wrangle an overly excited 3 y.o. who gets to go out fishing on the boat this morning.

It's a gorgeous, sunny, deep-blue sky morning with nothing to do but relax, read, or scrapbook...all of which I did yesterday before feasting on yesterday's fresh catch.  Hopefully I can share my layouts but so far I've not been overly successful with figuring out technology from my phone.

Speaking of which please excuse formatting and spelling, typing on my phone is not all it's cracked up to be.

Okay...well, my boys are off to the lake and I'm going to wander down the road to visit my sister in law for a spell.

A quick note to Barbara - I like the your idea of sorting by color.  Do you keep all your supplies by color?

And a little inspiration from May, I don't have access to the June stuff....mountains and all.  This is by Maria Swiatkoqski using the Smaller than a Breadbox May Kit.


Happy Thursday... It is Thursday I think.  Dang I love a vacation!

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