Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vacation for the Vacation

You've been on vacation you know. . .coming back you feel you need a break from your relaxing vacation.  What up?

The car has been unloaded, washed and vacuumed.  The boat, too, has been washed and vacuumed and put away.  The gear has been washed and sorted back into the proper storage boxes, which still are stacked and waiting to go back into the crawl-space (I need to inventory what's left.)  Coolers are downstairs waiting for a trip into the crawl space.  Laundry is almost done. . .I think there's one load of blankets and such waiting to go; the campfire smoke which is great around the campfire, is not so great when it follows you home.  Onward to the kits, billing, shipping and newsletters that await me.

I said I'd show off what I managed to accomplish on my quiet afternoons in the cabin. I only scrapbooked two days, but I got a couple layouts and a card (done with scraps!) completed. Hey, it's two more than I'd have completed at home. ;D  Oops, hold that . . . as I'm uploading I realize I scrapped three layouts and two cards - BONUS!  I reused patterns from my 28 Cards in 28 Days Big Picture Class.

Happy Tuesday!

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Tamika said...

I knew you'd accomplish great things!