Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lists and Love Your Stash - Day 8

Okay, so seriously, what is it when you're a paper crafter that you can't just write a list?  That you can't just jot a note?  I found a little notebook, complete with pen, and I'm thinking, "This is perfect to keep a running list of to-dos.  The immediate and the someday kind of things."  But then I start thinking it needs some tabs so the lists aren't all jumbled on top of each other - 'cause then what's the point of the list if you can't find anything on it?  My first thought, just use a sticky note cut down so I can move it as I move through pages.  Then I start wondering about what kinds of papers I have instead, since sticky notes are so . . . one color.  Seriously, what's up?  Or is it just me?  It's just me, isn't it?  Shoot, it's me.  

Let's move on to fun stuff.  Like today is shipping day.  If you're an autoship member your kits are waiting for pick up.  And for a little preview of what's tucked inside and what you'll soon be making, here's Maria Swiatkowski's take on the Authentique "Lovely" line found in the Smaller than a Breadbox.  Look at that sweet little face!  Maria used a KI Memories lace paper as a mask to create the misted background.  We know how Maria loves her mists. ;D  

If you aren't an autoship member, you can head right over to the website to purchase this kit or the Bigger kit.  Unfortunately, the card kit is sold out for February.  If you want to be sure there's a kit with your name, I invite you to join the no-commitment autoship.  Autoship is easy - unlimited skips, you can flip your kit and you can make substitutions - like this month, say you love, love everything but the Fancy Pants but only because you already have that line.  Well, then instead of missing it all, as an autoship member you have the option to substitute that line with another available line from a previous Smaller kit and still get your February kit.  Hurray for happy mail!  

Love Your Stash challenge today is to dig out your oldest "lovey-themed" papers and use them.  We want to make room for the new. :)  Now remember, hearts, pink and red, don't always have to mean Valentine's Day.  With most papers these days being double sided you can flip over the offensive hearts and document a snow day; the color palette is a good one for snow. You can do like Maria did and showcase the love of chubby cheeked babies.  Just a little off-the-page thinking and you'll be surprised what you come up with.

Oh, look I found some orange sticky notes for tabs...

Happy Wednesday.


Deanna said...

I dug out my oldest 'lovey' papers. Found some Pink Paislee from 2008.


Lori said...

Wow. Is that you're oldest stuff? I think mine is probably a couple years older than that. It'd be interesting to see....or scary.