Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 2

First things first - that applesauce I was making from the Apron Strings I Can Cook That Pinterest board - awesome!  It was easy, relatively quick what with the peeling and chopping eight apples, and good.  It cooked down enough I didn't really need to blend it - I left it chunky and whatever my rubber spatula could smoosh that's all I did.  I would be an easy baby or toddler food to whip nice and smooth.  Cook down some berries with the apples to mix up the flavors.  If we hadn't eaten most of it for dinner, I would expect that the batch would have produced two quarts.  The recipe says you can process them, which I'd do if I was making several batches, but stored in the 'fridge for a week or so should work, too.  I don't know how it would fair being frozen.  This seems like a good reason to head out to the farm we frequent this coming fall for some serious apple picking!

Mixing old and new is a great way to breathe life into supplies that you've lost interest in.  Today's Love Your Stash challenge is to combine your oldest embellishments with your newest papers.  For me it would be these. . .remember these?  These tiny, sold by the 100's, ear-splitting, table pounding fun.  Eyelets.  I've got enough to last me through a nuclear winter, but they sit, sorted and stored - languishing, waiting for the light of day.  So I'm thinking. . .cards.  I can use them on the cards I'm making.  I just need to pull the box out so I see it. . .that whole Closed and Visible thing for me. ;D  See - it pays to understand your process!

What's it gonna be for you?  Chipboard?  Items from your swap days?  Photo corners?  Vellum tags?  Photo turns?  Go get them and use them.  Layout, card or other paper project is due this Sunday evening.  Please link up your item in the comments.  I'm hoping to find time to research the changes at the linky site I was using or find an alternative source this week.

Happy Tuesday!


jengd said...

That's OK. I thought I'd entered day #2 before also. LOL! Here we go. http://jensunchartedterritory.blogspot.com/2013/02/chalkboard-valentine.html

Lori said...

LOL - we need more coffee! :)

Deanna said...

Here's mine using older MM metal accents, a blue charm, and a button I'd cut off a blouse. You probably need to click on the image to see the accents.

"2nd Formal"

Lori said...

I have some Making Memories tags left. I need to remember to grab those kinds of things when making cards!