Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday, Food and Inspiration

On Monday I started with this Spicy Pulled Pork from The Pioneer Woman (I love her!)

On Wednesday leftovers looked like - this found on the Apron Strings I Cooked That Pinterest board.
On Saturday the remaining leftovers will look like this - from my Taste Of Home magazine
Saturday, being National Scrapbook Day and all, you'll want something quick and easy to whip up for the family so you can head back to your crafting - or if you're heading out to a crop, leave behind for the hungry hoards.  The only difference in the recipe for me, is I'd be adding BBQ sauce to my leftover pulled pork instead of using a prepackaged deal.  If you're cropping and need the prepackaged route - go ahead, we won't judge.  It's National Scrapbook Day!
Now today, you'll start with this, from the Apron Strings Color Theory Pinterest board
If you have one of these kits on hand - April '12 Smaller than a Breadbox, the Authentique Genuine line - by tomorrow you could have something like this by Jennifer Halleck.
Or maybe you have the Bigger than a Breadbox April '12, the Lily Bee Buttercup line, which could inspire you to create something like Maria Swiatkowski did here.
If you've used these kits, or didn't get them don't despair, (there are TV Dinners of both these line ;D) search your stash for another kit featuring the color pallet above, or just pull the items from your stash in general.  Then photograph or scan them, upload them to your blog, Flickr or other photo hosting site and share the link in the comments to be eligible for the May goodies.
I'm off to get ready for May Crowing this morning.  Then home to tidy and print some photos.  Yesterday I finally, FINALLY, got the multitude of photos I continue to take for Project Life run through Pinterest and downloaded to my computer.  I'll be printing those many weeks' worth today in the hopes of playing some catch-up later.
I'll also be checking in over at Big Picture Classes during the Creative Crop -  A FREE EVENT - and hoping that inspires more scrapbooking.  I'll have four hours of soccer games in tomorrow, but that's okay, the event is 10 hours long!
Happy Friday!


Deanna said...

I didn't have either of those kits left so I went with some Carta Bella using teals and yellow.

"Welcome Kellan!"

Lori said...

LOL, frankly with how much you whip out, I'm surprised you have any kits. ;D