Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tuesdays with Rain

Yes!  Rain.  Sweet, dust-washing, green-inducing, rain!  We even had some lightening last night.  I'm so ready for a good spring storm where there is no snow involved!

I was out in the yard yesterday, pulled a few weeds, picked up a few toys and sort of scoped things out. I have chives that returned on their own and a single green onion growing in the containers on the porch.  I cleaned out some weeds from the barrels where the tomatoes grow and found a few volunteer strawberry plants.  However, it was the strawberry patch that I was most surprised with - they are happy little campers down there with plenty of future-strawberry-blooms.  I saw on Pinterest that if you paint rocks to look like strawberries it keeps the birds away.  Maybe I'll have the kids paint some this weekend and see if it works.  I also want to mix up some kitchen-made weed kill and see if it works - though I'll have to wait until rain is out of the forecast to try it on the monster dandelions.

Today's inspiration from the Apron Strings Color Theory board is rich, jewel-toned colors.  They remind me of fall, but with that little pop of pink, they would be fun for Spring, too.  Drop the pink and gold and you have an alternative to traditional holiday colors.

I found the Bigger than a Breadbox Feb '13 - the Echo Park Everyday Eclectic line to have a similar color pallet to today's inspiration.  The colors are lighter and pastel, but are certainly represented in this layout by Kristin Perez.

Also from Kristin Perez, is this more true take on the color pallet which is found in the Smaller than a Breadbox November '12 - the Simple Stories Harvest Lane. 

Work your own magic with the color inspiration and then get it linked up in the comments for your chance at the May prize drawing.

Happy Wednesday,

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