Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sunshine. . .Will it Stick?

They say the sun should be out all day.  And bonus, there's no snow heading our way.  I saw forecasts into next week that looked like it might be in the 70's. . .whatever that is.

Last night I'd like to say I took the rare opportunity, and energy, to creep down to my studio and start to clear off tables and counters.  But instead, I burrowed into my room with my knitting (yes, I'm still plugging away).  I don't remember if I mentioned I had to tear out half my sweater because of a miscount somewhere along the way.  I lost track of the length last night, and had to again, rip out a few inches of work.  I was determined to get to the next line of instructions, so I ripped out farther than necessary - got a tad overzealous - and re-knitted to my stopping place.  Now, the next time I pick it up, I should be able to finish this quarter of the sweater.  I currently have three projects going (four if you count each of the socks individually, but why would you) - and apparently I'm not unlike most knitters who have various projects in various stages of completion.  The only thing that separates me from them is they know how to finish them! 

Today, so you can start and finish a project, your inspiration comes from the Apron Strings Color Theory board over at Pinterest.  It reminds me of the turquoise I saw once at the open market in Santa Fe.  However, when I started to look for inspiration from the Apron Strings kits I found that it paired nicely with the August kits from last year; Echo Park's Paradise Beach, which was in the Bigger kit and Little Yellow Bicycles Splash, found in the Smaller kit. 

Here is Jennifer Halleck's take using the Smaller kit.  I love how she used the bold graphic to help highlight her photo group in the center.  I always struggle with this type of graphic paper and then I see an example like this and realize I think too much.

Next is Maria Swiatkowski's layout using the Bigger kit.  She's combined four of the five patterns found in this kit.  Another thing I sometimes have difficulty with is using multiple patterns and again, I'm probably over-thinking it.

So if these two beauties are still in your stash, today's your day for digging them out and pairing them up with photos.  Both these lines are double-sided and can totally be used for non-beach, non-water themes.  They are awesome color pallets that work wonders with pictures from the summer, but would be a great background for winter photos, what with their lack of color.

If you don't have these kits, look for others with a similar color pallet or pull straight from your own stash.  Link up your work in the comment section to be eligible for this month's drawing.

Don't forget to sign up for the Creative Cropover at Big Picture.  It's free and the challenges they issue you can pair up with this week's inspiration here to really get you going.  They've got prizes. . .Hey, whatever motivation it takes!

Happy Thursday,


Deanna said...

I don't have any of the LYB Splash "AS kit" left, but I have bought more of that line so I'm good to go! :)

Deanna said...

Here's mine using the LYB Splash line.

"Discover Sea Life"

Lori said...

That line is so fun and bright - just the thing for summer vacation stuff.