Thursday, May 16, 2013

Problems. . .

So I logged on to Pinterest. . .always a risk since the time suck could be large.  Even when I tell myself, "just go to the Color Theory board and snag a pallet," it never really works out that way.  Case-in-point, today, 50 minutes later I leave my landing page after pinning several recipes, liking several free fonts and a few ideas for Dad's Day, I finally get to the Color Board.  

As I'm browsing around, I realize I may have a problem - in that I think I may be following more food boards than scrappy ones.  My food pins far out-number scrappy ones.  Now, we're well familiar with my obsession collecting of recipes, so I guess it should surprise no one.  However, in my defense if I don't have quick and easy recipes my family will hunt me down when they're hungry demanding I stop crafting and go feed them.  As family cooks we know PB&J really ain't gonna cut it, it's a meal they demand and no matter how quick, it'll take a bit valuable crafty time t prepare.  So see, really, it's a service that I'm providing by digging out these fast and fabulous recipes; these don't-interrupt-me-I'm-crafting-your-dinner-is-in-the-kitchen meals.  Whew . . . well  . . . I'm glad there's a logical reason there.

On to today's color inspiration.

Now why complicate matters by looking for kits outside the holiday season that fit this pallet?  Life is sticky enough without making things harder than they need to be.  So we look to both December kits from 2012.  The Smaller kit with its My Mind's Eye Winter Wonderland line and the Bigger kit with Basic Grey's Aspen Frost line.

I love a traditional color scheme for the holidays - but could be swayed with pink and lime green too - but Jennifer Halleck stuck with the tradition using the Winter Wonderland line here.

And here, Maria Swiatkowski used the Aspen Frost (which has a touch of teal to it) by pulling the traditional colors together, as well.  

Reminder:  If you've used these kits, didn't get them (the Smaller kit is available and a Second Helping of the Basic Grey is also available) please pull from your stash using the color pallet for inspiration.  Then please, share your link in the comment section.  You have all month to complete any or all of the challenges - so no excuses.  Plus, I've got a meals for you over on Pinterest to avoid the family's hungry interruptions. ;D

Happy Thursday,

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