Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Project Life Week 6 - WHAT??

May Crowning, the first of the final events for the out-going 8th graders, was lovely.  As those big 8th grade kids stood at the altar, my son included, I could see them all as Kindergartners, much smaller and more round-faced than they are now.  Simple, sweet little-kid dress-up clothes, far removed from the more sophisticated dresses, heals, ties (that don't clip), sports coats, actual dress shoes instead of sneakers and pressed pants.  Nothing was un-tucked or un-smoothed, unlike their Kindergarten days when they were disheveled the minute their feet stepped out of the cars.  Time goes far to quickly.  We're blessed to be memory keepers.

We had no snow to cancel any of the three games this weekend; two losses and a tie.  I'll take the tie, given the not-so-hot-in-the-winning-department season we're having - for both boys.  Only a couple more weeks of soccer and then we'll end the season with a tournament at the end of the month.  It seems like the season has gone on forever and, at the same time,  hasn't even started.

Friday evening I took some "me time."  It was that or really dip my toe into the crazy pool - I opted to scrapbook.  After printing a pretty good bulk of my Project Life back-log, I think I have about six weeks left to print, I spent six lovely hours cropping away.  I completed 10 more pages in my December Daily (to be shown later) and three more weeks in my Project Life (again, more to be shown later.)  Here is Week 6 - just 10 more weeks until I'm current!  LOL  I didn't get any of the challenges during the Big Picture Classes Creative Crop completed but I did mark down several to use in my next "catch-up."  Did anyone play along?

Let's resume with the May challenges by using this pallet from the Apron Strings Color Theory board.

Just because the pallet is fairly monochromatic doesn't mean your layout has to be.  In this case I found two kits where the bulk of the color was Orange.  The October '12 Smaller than a Breadbox kit - the Pebbles Tricks and Treats line definitely leans in the Orange direction.  This layout comes from Nancy Longo also leans more in that more-orange-than-not direction.

The second kit, also from October '12, is Bigger than a Breadbox kit - the American Crafts Pumpkin Patch line.  Here Maria Swiatkowski's layout uses a huge chunk of Orange.  As you can see in both, while Orange is the more dominant color, it is not alone - though if you want to go monochromatic, please do so.

Unfortunately, both of those kits (and their corresponding TV Dinners) are sold out.  So if you don't posses them in your stash, you'll have to dig deep to gather up the necessary supplies.  Once you've created your layout, link up an image in the comment section for your shot at the May prize.

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Deanna said...

Here's mine based on the color inspiration.

"Sibling Time"

Lori said...

wow, that was fast. . .buy why am I surprised! So cute!