Friday, March 7, 2014

Slim Pickin's on Friday and a Peek at March

The morning started out grey and rainy - it was awesome, just me, my chocolate cherry coffee and the latest Midwest Living Magazine.  It has since rolled into ginormous flakes of snow, that if they weren't so wet would be piling up like crazy!  I still have to hit the store for dinner stuff tonight, so hopefully it's not freezing into ice, too.

I've been wanting to craft all week and I'd like to blame my to-do list being too long, but nothing on my to-do list is getting done.  I've been too tired to think.  Shoot, I can't even lean over the side of my chair to grab my knitting that is barely six inches from my fingertips.  Ever have this going on?  

The frazzle I'm in has reached other routines, too.  Like my menu planning.  Haven't done it since the week we left for the mountains.  For those without a score-card that would be two weeks.  Two weeks people.  Last night I literally stared in my pantry and 'fridge for 15 minutes without a thought crossing my mind.  We went out and got KFC.  It's getting desperate.

The only meal I think I actually made (note...didn't plan) was my go-to Chicken Pot Pie - which is really good!

If you're in the same frazzle/cabin fever/no mojo place I seem to be, then maybe a glance at the March kits will help kick start you into working on something.  Maybe start by planning what you want to create and then move into actually creating something.  That's my hope for me anyway!  

'Course it's more fun to plan if you're actually getting one of the kits.  Not a member yet?  What are you waiting for?  Go. Sign-up HERE.

Happy Friday,

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