Thursday, March 13, 2014

We Are

We are suffering from a serious case of writer's block.  GAH.

  • We are enjoying Chocolate Cherry Coffee and a new issue of Midwest Living
  • We are making Sherried Tomato Soup (with lots of cream!)
  • We are wolfing down the topping for this Olive Cheese Bread and could eat it straight out of the bowl!  We did get it on the bread, though.
  • We are marking the loser of "Sorry" so that all who see him know he lost.  How's that for family game night?
  • We are listening to the snow melt so quickly it sounds like it's raining.
  • We are enjoying hot-from-the-oven Fresh Apple Scones
  • We are welcoming Tuesday morning
  • We are watching the quick change of Tuesday afternoon
  • We are savoring these Hammond's candies.  Oh. . .my!
Happy Thursday,

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