Thursday, March 6, 2014

We Are

We Are:
  • Enjoying homemade pop tarts (with strawberry jam made last summer - with our garden's strawberries) on a cold weekend morning.
  • We are excited for the state championship hockey game
  • We are not sure which he (the little guy in the blue) enjoys more - being with the "big kids" (who think of him as a mascot) or the fact they gave him a punching bag for cheering with
  • We are loving the celebration of the win almost as much as the game. . .mmmm, maybe more
  • We are State Hockey Champs
  • We are not so much enjoying the extra driving that comes with the whole one-car-down-thing
  • We are getting fancy with the homemade pot pies
  • We are looking for signs of Spring - even if they come with signs of Winter
Happy Thursday,

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