Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We Are

  • We are FINALLY seeing signs of Spring in the yard
  • We are scratching off a "bucket list" wish for our 17 y.o. - an Av's vs Bruin's game (two of her top faves); only a year in the making.
  • We are not sure if she goes for the game or the fights - but our daughter is an A.V.I.D. hockey fan
  • We are done searching
  • We are starting off Sunday morning the right way, loaded with light fluffy carbs
  • We are relishing the sounds of four kids, in the same room, getting along
  • We are wanting to run away from the sight, or lack there of, of our studio area
  • We are bored, and so done with waiting, when we are the first of five done with back-to-back dentist appointments
Happy Wednesday,

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